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Lakers-Hornets Open Thread

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Something is afoot, friends. With less than 20 hours remaining before the trade deadline, the rumor typhoon suggests a deal among the Lakers, Trail Blazers and Timberwolves could be imminent. Ben posted the news earlier today and nothing since then has dispelled talk of Jamal Crawford heading to Minnesota, Steve Blake returning to Portland and Michael Beasley landing in purple and gold. Presumably the Lakers know they can't roll with Derek Fisher and Darius Morris as their point guards, so one imagines a follow-on deal for someone like Ramon Sessions is in the works as well. It's not Dwight Howard, but it's something.

Anyhow, the Lakers have another game tonight, and wouldn't it be just like them to complement a rousing win in Memphis with a faceplant in New Orleans?

Break out the hurricane mix whenever someone mentions:

  • Chris Paul,
  • Michael Myers,
  • The Knicks,
  • Bourbon Street, or
  • The decision to shut down production on HBO's Luck.

Happy Trade Deadline Eve, everyone.