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The Credits: "Roadie"


Starring: A road win! After a gritty double overtime victory over the surging Grizzlies while on the road, the Lakers have to be feeling pretty good about themselves. Bynum straight up dominated. Plagued by road woes all season, they finally got a quality win on the road against a good team. Down 16 in the third quarter, the Lakers seemed to be motivated after Marresse Speight's idiotic jersey pop. In overtime, the Lakers ran this play to perfection:

With Kobe handling the ball on the wing, Gasol comes to set a screen. Kobe goes over the screen, drawing both Gasol's man and his own defender. Holding the ball for just a moment, Kobe hits Gasol with either a crisp bounce pass or a pass over the top. Gasol, with an open lane to the basket, sees Bynum's man rotate to him on the closeout. Then, putting up a picture perfect lob, Bynum throws it down ferociously for two easy points. As Darius said, when the Lakers big 3 run that side pick and roll, it's like a cheat code.

Also, Derek Fisher has surpassed 10,000 points in career scoring, the Knicks locker room is a complete mess,some Knicks execs want to trade Carmelo, while Carmelo wants to be traded (Isn't it nice to have a high character guy like Gasol, who accepts any role given to him, and doesn't plant stories in the press? Glad we didn't trade Bynum for Melo last season). Also, Dwight wants the Magic to "roll the dice" and keep him for the rest of the season.

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