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The SS&R Facebook Page Wants You!

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With the Lakers knee-deep in road troubles at the moment, I figured this was the best time to distract ourselves and put together a quick SSR "job post". As many of you know, I've been in charge of the SS&R Facebook page for a little over a year now. Currently, we're sitting at 1,267 "Likes" and the number grows each and every day.

Many of you with Facebook accounts have probably heard about the Facebook Timeline, the new way to display your profile. The change is slow, but eventually the goal is to have all profiles use the layout. If you aren't familiar with it, here is a link with a short video clip. Facebook has now granted Pages, along with User Profiles, the ability to use the new Timeline and that's where you, dear reader, come in to play.

We would like give our SS&R community the chance to create a custom cover photo that will be used on the SS&R timeline page. Your custom creation will be posted for all to see, and you will bask in the opportunities created when galleries and art institutions fight over your pen (SS&R is not responsible for opportunities that never arise).


You can upload or link your submissions in the comments, and the entry with the most recommendations will be made the cover. If you're worried your creation is good, but not great, upload it anyway. The point is to have fun, and who knows, something you think is bad might just win this whole thing. In any case, I'll personally save most of the pictures and use them down the line as the covers get stale.

But enough with the talk, it's Showtime. Good luck!

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