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Nike Wants To Know How You Prefer Your Domination

This is a sponsored post.

In the NBA, as in life, there is more than one way to be successful. Whether your deal is hard work and gritty defense, or flashy offense and a sweet stroke, or all of the above, you can find a place on the court if you are good enough. There's also more than one way to be dominant. In a league where height is at a premium and the game is played above the rim, domination usually involves flight. Nike, specifically the inestimable Jordan Brand, wants to know what kind of flight most appeals to you.

So, here are the options, each complete with their own sick compilation of suitable highlights for you to vote for.

There are certainly worse ways to spend some time than checking out some of the best in the game dominating their opponents in a variety of ways, so check out all three pages and vote for your favorites. Later on, there will be head to head competition amongst the three to determine which kind of domination is the fan favorite.

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