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Lakers-Celtics Open Thread

Welcome to Boston, whose official civic motto is, "It's True, We Suck!" I'm told this is the 275th meeting between the Lakers and Celtics. Derek Fisher, though, has only been alive for 271 of them. (*high-fives self for sweet joke*)

The Celts have won nine of their last 10. Aside from consecutive nice wins over the Magic, however, the competition has been pretty limp. They've had lots of games against the Cavaliers, Raptors and other easily poundable teams. As for the Lakers, they just need a win. It doesn't really matter whether it's over their ancient blood enemies or someone else, though it's always nice delivering some well-deserved pain to Boston fans.

Drink anything, ANYTHING, but Sam Adams whenever someone mentions:

  • The word rivalry,
  • The Pau Gasol-for-Rajon Rondo trade rumors,
  • The Patriots' loss in the Super Bowl,
  • Jeremy Lin, or
  • The Lakers' record on the road.

Say it with me now: BOS-TON SUCKS! BOS-TON SUCKS!

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