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The Credits: "Balls of Fury"

The Lakers flew to Utah from Denver on Friday night (actually Saturday morning), but it wasn't the experience they were hoping for. Their flight was delayed while the plane was de-iced following a massive snowstorm in the mile high city, and this meant their arrival in Karl Malone City came somewhere around 4 AM, putting bedtime after 5 AM. Now, if you're young, that's prime party stuff and it means you had a good night. But, according to Kobe Bryant, the Lakers are "old and slow" so this was not a good thing.

That said, they still had a game to play, one that did not end well. In fact, it went so badly, the coach decided not to stick around. How many times has that been the case for the Lakers? I'm willing to bet not many. We'll see what happens with Mike Brown--there is speculation that he could be suspended; who knew?

Lakers next play the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday. It would be nice to have a winning record on this road trip and not have to play from behind to get it. Hey Lakers, y'all listening?

Dwight, Dwight, Dwight, why you tryin' to make me lose my cool?

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