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Lakers-Jazz Open Thread

Game two of the Lakers' Grammy road trip appropriately features jazz, in this case those uptempo fellas from the great state of Utah. Until very recently, the Jazz were the only team that had lost to the Lakers in their own house after the purple and gold defeated them on January 11, a great game for all (except the Jazz) as Kobe Bryant scored 40 points during his phenomenal stretch of 40+ point games.

I'm not sure we'll be treated to anything like that tonight, and frankly, all I'm hoping for is a win (unlike some people, I never lie).

Bend your elbow each time someone mentions:

  • Derek Fisher's past in a Jazz uniform and/or his reason for leaving the team
  • Andrew Bynum being named an All Star for the first time
  • The rookie hazing of Darius Morris and Andrew Goudelock
  • Some big game that's being played tomorrow, I forget what it's called

Bombs away!

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