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Lakers-Wolves Open Thread

Kevin Love, I hear, will not play tonight because of flu-like symptoms. Kobe Bryant will, however, give it a go, with the help of a Rip Hamilton-style mask. With or without their leading scorer, the Lakers have before them a game they should win. Sure, the Timberwolves are vastly improved over the Kurt Rambis era and they're over 0.500 on the road, but they played last night, the Lakers haven't had a game in nearly a week, and aside from Kobe no one on the Lakers exerted themselves over All-Star Weekend. This is as rested as the Lakers get.

Warm your insides this chilly February evening whenever someone mentions:

  • The rumors about Michael Beasley getting traded to the Lakers,
  • How the Wolves might actually make the playoffs this year,
  • Whether Love is the best power forward in the NBA,
  • Dwyane Wade's ASG foul on Kobe, or
  • Leap Day.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of the season.

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