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Pau Gasol Trade Rumors Intensify, Chance Of Deal '75 Percent' Report Says

(SB Nation Los Angeles, Avinash Kunnath) It's hard to believe the Los Angeles Lakers are actively shopping Pau Gasol, but it's quite possible that perhaps the most offensive gifted post player in the game could be moved before the March 15 NBA trade deadline.

The Houston Rockets originally wanted to grab Gasol this offseason in the doomed three-way trade that involved Chris Paul. According to a report on, it might be the Rockets who end up finally getting him.

Sam Smith of files this report.

Pau Gasol: He probably has the best chance of being traded among the current and former All-Star players. The Lakers are woefully short in the backcourt and with depth and athleticism. He was in that aborted preseason deal to the Rockets, and their interest is said to remain the most significant. The deal that's been most speculated is Gasol for Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry.

The Rockets are said to be high on Goran Dragic and Jonny Flynn to replace Lowry, and the Lakers desperately need a point guard under Mike Brown's system. This is a deal, denied for now, that benefits both teams and seems likely to be made.

Chances of Gasol being dealt: 75 percent.

The Rockets have enjoyed the production they've gotten from Scola, but it makes sense they'd be willing to part with him to get Gasol--he's just that good. Lowry would be harder for the Rockets to lose. The point guard has been very productive in Houston but is clearly the player the Lakers want to get out of this deal.

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