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The Credits: "The Star Chamber"


This weekend's All Star festivities feature a whole host of NBA luminaries, but it looks like all eyes are on one Dwight Howard. Questions still remain about where he'll end up this season, whether it's Orlando or somewhere else. But right now, it seems Dwight just wants to enjoy the weekend and show the world what his city has to offer. Good for him. Plenty of time for that other stuff next week.

For now, Howard's defensive mastery extends to rejecting all questions about his future as the league's soon-to-be pre-eminent free agent. He's relentlessly rebounding from the perception that he already has one massive size 18 shoe out of the I-4 corridor. And he's shutting down conventional wisdom that suggests his mood swings are holding the franchise hostage until he decides whether to force his way out of Orlando in the coming weeks or commit long-term like Mickey.

As for our Lakers, only a couple of our guys are in Orlando. Kobe Bryant took ill on Friday and missed a press event, but he showed up on Saturday and answered some (bizarre?) questions.

Would you root for the Clippers if they were in the Finals?

"What type of question is that to ask me?" he said. "Now, I’m glad I was sick the other day and didn’t have to hear this stuff."

So you would root for the Heat?

"Huh?" Bryant said, an exasperated look coming over his face.

I mean, if you’re not in it…

"I’ll be on an island somewhere, how about that?" Bryant said.

This is Kobe's 14th All Star appearance and he's looking to help the West win again this year, perhaps even bringing home the MVP trophy for an unprecedented 5th time. A-Rod says Kobe considered retirement before getting his innovative knee procedure in Germany last summer. Say what?

Andrew Bynum is participating in his first All Star Weekend, something that's been a long-standing goal for him. Please everyone, get out your prayer beads. The last thing the Lakers need is Bynum getting injured during a freaking showcase.

So, anyone hear the news about Rasheed Wallace?

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