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Lakers-Thunder Open Thread

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This one is the second half of a TNT back-to-back, which means there's a 95 percent chance we won't get to see the opening tip. As I type, though, Miami is turning the screws on the Knicks, so there's at least a shot this doesn't drag out into the usual run of timeouts, free throws and more timeouts. Please pray accordingly.

Injury news: Nick Collison is out tonight. James Harden was scheduled to be a gametime decision because of an injured wrist, but from what I'm hearing it's likely he'll play. With or without him, the Thunder at home are among the tougher opponents the Lakers have faced this season.

Down the hatch whenever someone mentions:

  • How Chesapeake Energy Atmosphere resembles a "college-type atmosphere,"
  • That the Thunder are one of the youngest teams in the league,
  • Jeremy Lin's performance against the Heat,
  • Something about Kendrick Perkins not liking the Lakers, or
  • The Thunder's record at home.

Everyone to the dance floor.

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