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Lakers-Mavs Open Thread

All right, you lot. We're back in Dallas, scene of both the JFK assassination and the assassination of the 2010-11 Lakers. (Too soon?) This has already been an interesting week in Lakerland and it's about to get more so over the next 28 hours. A split of the Mavs-Thunder back to back would send the purple and gold into the All-Star break on some much-needed positive vibes. A sweep in the Lakers' favor and we can start thinking about a big second-half run.

By the way, this afternoon I saw some dude on the street wearing a Lamar Odom Clippers jersey. Remember when those were big in L.A.? Anyhow, Lamar isn't playing tonight. He's in Los Angeles on a family matter.

Attempt to drink away the memories of last spring's sweep whenever someone mentions:

  • Last spring's sweep,
  • Something about Pau Gasol being affected by trade rumors,
  • The Lakers' players-only meetings,
  • How Vince Carter is hosting a $30,000-a-person fundraiser for President Obama, or
  • Dirk Nowitzki making the All-Star Game even though he said he didn't deserve it.

Happy Ash Wednesday, for all those observing.

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