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The Credits: "Road Trip"

The Lakers open up their road trip tomorrow with a game in Denver, but before any flying happens, they had a little practice yesterday. Here is Kobe, Pau and Coach Brown talking about what needs to improve in order to have a successful trip, and how more floor time (hopefully) means the Lakers shooting might improve. Here is hoping the Lakers, Kobe not included, know how to pack for the road and don't forget important items such as, I don't know, the Defense and Rebounding. We'll be needing those.

The fans we'll be visiting will definitely be needing their wallets, as will Rubio if he makes any bet with one Kobe Bryant. As always, Bryant believes the Lakers are still feared and welcomes the road games with open arms. Steve Blake has been cleared to run on the treadmill, and to no one's surprise, has already posted faster times than Fisher.

So, Lakers fans, are you ready for this trip? Don't forget to eat a farewell In-N-Out burger before you leave. No seriously, don't forget.

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