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Lakers-Suns Open Thread

This is a "take care of business" game. As made clear in the Lakers' 111-99 victory over the Suns on Friday night, one of these teams is significantly better than the other, and if the Lakers are ever to become a good road team, the Suns are the type of opponent they need to slap down with ease. Phoenix is just 5-8 at home, and as usual there will be plenty of Laker fans in the house. What makes tonight's W all the more essential to the Lake Show is the upcoming schedule: the Blazers at Staples tomorrow night, then a savage road back-to-back later in the week against Dallas and Oklahoma City.

Tomorrow's a holiday so drink like it's a Saturday night whenever someone mentions:

  • Michael Redd's "slingshot" release,
  • Derek Fisher's declining minutes,
  • How Kobe Bryant leads the league in shot attempts by some gigantic margin,
  • Steve Nash refusing to ask for a trade, or
  • Spring training.

Go Lakers Go.

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