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The Credits: "Where the Heart Is"

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Pau Gasol was part of the nixed Chris Paul trade just before the season started. Since then, he's handled his very difficult situation like a trooper, showing up at training camp, and playing like it was just another day (although there have been some moments when you could sense his head just wasn't in the game). But as of this moment, he still plays for our beloved Lakers. On the other hand, Kobe Bryant says the trade rumors that have been swirling around Pau are playing havoc with his emotions, perhaps explaining why we see an aggressive Pau one night and a passive Pau the next. It can't be easy for him, and I for one, give him a lot of credit. Kudos, Pau.

"Obviously I'm not too glad I was missing some looks and not capitalizing on some opportunities that I had," he said. "When you're going through it, you're going through it. There's not much you can do about it. Just continue to play and make plays."

The Lakers will go for their fourth straight win tonight against the Phoenix Suns, the team they just spanked on Friday night at Staples Center, ruining Marcin Gortat's birthday. Keep in mind, however, that this is a road game, where the Lakers are 5-10. Yuck, right? Wish they could play at home the rest of the season? Yeah, me too. However, Phoenix is a sizzling 5-8 at home this season, so the Lakers should be able to pull off a win, and ruin Gortat's entire birthday weekend in the process.

In other news, Greg Oden just makes me sad, Stephen Jackson and Scott Skiles are kaput, and there are conflicting and confusing reports of LeBron James talking to Cavaliers owner (and Whiner Extraordinaire) Dan Gilbert. Whom to believe? Better question: should we really care? Point taken.

Finally, Kobe is a machine.

"I’m fine," Bryant said. "I’ve noticed a lot of people going down with injuries and I’m very proud to say that they’re a lot younger than I am.

"Here I am, I haven’t pulled a hamstring or pulled muscles or anything like that. Over the summer, I worked extremely hard trying to stay in shape and trying to get ready for this compression."

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