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J.R. Smith Chooses the Knicks

There goes another free agent that didn't choose the Lakers. Not surprising considering the Lakers can't offer the contracts some teams are able to. Ring chasing in LaLa Land this season doesn't seem to be worth the discount any top-tier free agent would have to give the Lakers. The nerve of these players...not taking the chance to help Kobe win his 6th!? What is wrong with this world?


Shooting guard J.R. Smith tweeted Friday that he has decided to join Carmelo Anthony,Amare Stoudemire and phenom Jeremy Lin in New York.

"New York Knicks It Is!" he posted on his Twitter account.

Smith, who played last season with the Denver Nuggets, had listed the Knicks, Clippers, Lakers, Magic, Bulls and Pacers as teams he was considering joining after a stint in China that started during the NBA lockout.

No contract terms were available, but the Knicks were able to offer Smith a pro-rated share of their $2.5 million mini mid-level exception and a player option for a second year. The Knicks will have to clear a roster spot to add Smith. Veteran guard Mike Bibby and seldom-used forward Renaldo Balkmanare candidates. According to a source, center Jerome Jordan will not be released.

Now go find some mouthwash to remove that taste of puke in your mouth. Bad enough our bench needs major help, but we had to pin some hope on the slight chance J.R. Smith (of all players) bought into tradition, celebs, and other silly things we'd like to think are worth more than money to a young professional basketball player who was willing to get paid in China instead of risking missing a paycheck. He chose Gotham. Score another one for Linsanity.

Oh, and please don't start with the Mike Bibby talk...On the bright side, we still have Jason Kapono. So there's that.

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