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The Credits: "War and Peace"

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Something happened last night that not many people expected. Kobe Bryant, currently leading the league in points scored at 28.7 PPG, scored 10 points against the Atlanta Hawks. It's his lowest output since 2010. More unexpected than that? The Lakers won the game, 86-79. Most unexpected of all? Despite rumors of tension in the locker room, Metta World Peace rose above it all and dunked the ball, TWICE. This not a joke. He left his feet, and literally dunked the ball. Of course, this doesn't solve the Lakers' real problems, which is low scoring, 4Q struggles and too many minutes for the starters. But it doesn't hurt to know that these guys still have something left in the tank, right?

In other news, Shaquille O'Neal thinks Dwight Howard leaving Orlando would be a "travesty".

"I don't know if he doesn't like the organization, I don't know if he wants to go to a bigger city where he can get more endorsement deals, he can do movies. No one really knows the problem."

"You know hopefully he stays, because that arena there is one of the best arenas in the country," O'Neal said. "If he leaves, it'll be a travesty."

And Mark Cuban thinks David Stern made a mistake in trading Chris Paul.

"I don't think it was about the Lakers, per se," Cuban said, per ESPN. "I think it was just the way they did the deal, which was ridiculous. I don't think it was about which team. I think it was the fact that, even with the Clippers, we just went through this whole (collective bargaining agreement) and said the incumbent team still has the advantage and then the team the league owns (wimps) out. And look how it's worked out for them.

"Bad management gets you bad results."

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