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Lakers-Hawks Open Thread

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Some NBA guys will tell you that the first game back home after a long road trip is always difficult. Changes in time zone, adjustments to the day-to-day routines you developed on the road, relaxing with loved ones... it can all add up to sluggish form. Tonight the Lakers' put this ancient wisdom to the test with a matchup against the Atlanta Hawks, who are talented but unreliable, not unlike the Lakers' themselves. Six of the Lakers' next nine games are at home, and in fact the schedule for the next month or so looks pretty manageable. If they're ever going to move past their early-season "new system, no practice time" excuse-mongering, now's a good time to start.

Monger a little more of that Valentine's Day bubbly whenever someone mentions:

  • The All-Star snubs of Pau Gasol and/or Josh Smith,
  • Metta World Peace's beef with Mike Brown,
  • Gilbert Arenas,
  • The Hawks' record against over-0.500 opponents, or
  • Valentine's Day.

You're all my Valentine, every one of you.

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