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Lakers - Raptors Live Gamethread

Good morning from the beautiful metropolitan gem that is Toronto, Canada. Today's game provides a couple of unique opportunities: First, the opportunity to watch the Los Angeles Lakers operate outside this great country of ours. Luckily, the Lakers have their shit together enough that nobody was stupid enough to forget their passports. Second, you totally have an excuse to watch this game in your PJs ... oh who am I kidding, you watch just about every game in your PJs. Fine, I guess this game is no different than any other, except that drink of yours includes as much coffee as it does alcohol.

The Raptors are mildly short handed, and the Lakers are severely short-rested, so today's game should sadly make for basketball played even more poorly than we've become accustomed to this season.

Take a sip of that "Russian" coffee whenever somebody mentions:

  • The early start
  • Jeremy Lin's continued emergence
  • The 81 point game
  • Pau Gasol and Jose Calderon's shared heritage
  • The end of the Grammy trip.
Enjoy the show, and then enjoy the rest of your day, and don't worry about those two things coming in the wrong order.

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