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The Credits: "Misery"

Last week, I said not to expect an especially happy outcome to this trip, even if the team ended up 3-3. So far, that "prediction" is coming true. Fortunately, the Lakers play their last game of the annual Grammys road trip today, against the 9-19 Toronto Raptors. This trip has been like an Oreo--bad on the outsides, but good in the middle (I prefer the icing to the cookie). I will say that with an ice cold glass of milk, an Oreo is great all around.

Anyhoo, with all of the hand-wringing in Lakersland, there is apparently still some confidence that this team can go places and do good things.

"The Lakers will be very dangerous in the playoffs," West said in a phone interview Thursday with The Times. "They need rest between games. The way they're playing now on the road, they haven't had the kind of success they need. But they're still very capable."

"I would never, ever discount them," West said. "They're a very good team, regardless of what people might say."

Is Derek Fisher really as bad as we think? Well, duh, but Patrick Ewing is giving him something of an out.

"I almost expect Derek to have a tough time, with all the negotiating he had to be a part of,’’ Ewing told the Daily News recently. "Too much negotiating and not enough work on the court — that’s what happened to me during the lockout. Too much talking and not enough training."

Maybe he's bucking for a job with the Purple and Gold. What do you think?

Metta World Peace is not feeling Mike Brown these days. Uh oh.

So, this trip comes mercifully comes to an end today, and win or lose, the Lakers' miserable road trip will be in the history books.

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