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The Credits: "Better Luck Tomorrow"

Starring: Jeremy Lin. Puns. Nerdy Handshakes. Songs. Jared freakin Jeffries. The Jeremy Lin hype train hit the Lakers head-on Friday night and the results were ridiculous:

And now, the fourth quarter, the victory, the storyline, the thunder tumbling down onto the Garden floor belonged to the improbable, incredible Jeremy Lin. "Enjoy it," Bryant would say late in the locker room. "They'll receive judgment next season."

That's Kobe Bryant vowing revenge on a player a week removed from nearly being cut from the team. That's how bad the Lakers were schooled by Jeremy Lin, to the tune of 38 points. A nightmare for Lakers fans. Every team seems to be finding point guard gems everywhere, except us. Even worse, we could have signed Jeremy Lin this season too.

Just that kind of year I guess...

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