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GIF: Jack Nicholson is not amused with the Los Angeles Lakers

Jack Nicholson wasn't any happier than the rest of Lakerland with the performance the Lakers put on against the Utah Jazz Sunday night.


Behold, a gif. It is like many other gifs, in which there is a picture, it moves, and we watch as it unfolds. However, unlike many other gifs that are spread throughout the vast lands of the internets, this gif is of Jack Nicholson during the 4th quarter of the Lakers 117-110 loss to the Utah Jazz Sunday Night. Much like the rest of us, it was pure unadulterated disgust across his face. Anyway, I present to you: a very disturbed Laker fan who just so happens to sit court-side for every home game.



Really, it speaks for itself. My cat had a similar look as the game progressed, though I didn't bother to catch it in gif form. When the Lakers acquired Steve Nash, then proceeded to trade for Dwight Howard, this certainly wasn't the image of Jack Nicholson any expected to surface. Then, tossing in Mike D'Antoni to bring back "showtime"? This Lakers team should be inducing plenty of reactions, but not of this sort.

Yeah, things are going according to plan. Just ask Jack.

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