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The Silver Screen & Roll Podcast: Episode #5

We're baaaack. After a brief hiatus over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Silver Screen & Roll podcast is back to infiltrate your ears with our Los Angeles Lakers talk.

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The podcast is back, and in our quest to continue to improve it in any way we can, we've found ourselves a neat little home over on iTunes now!

Here's the link to our iTunes channel, please subscribe and catch the podcast through those fine Apple products should they be your cup of tea!

If the link itself should fail you, and you are an iTunes patron, all you have to do is search "Silver Screen & Roll" and our cast will pop up (you'll recognize the logo).

Please, please, please subscribe to the podcast. As we continue to grow the cast and delve into new ways of utilizing it we look forward to hearing your feedback and trying our best to accommodate everyone to the best of our abilities. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or thoughts in regards to making it a better experience drop them in the comments, catch us on twitter, or shoot any of us an e-mail. Help support us by subscribing and interacting with us (help us help you).

For this weeks podcast, we'll be hosting it on our iTunes page right over HERE, and our Sound Cloud page, which also gives you the option to download the mp3 directly. Both of these options should give the best sound quality, and we will also continue using YouTube as well in the future. Let us know how the iTunes feed works for you. The "tricky" thing about it, from the reading we've done, is that iTunes updates episodes at any given time, so it may be difficult to gauge when a new show will actually appear. With the podcast uploading now, it may not be in the store when this runs in the A.M., but our Sound Cloud account will still have the latest cast ready for you to jump right into. Anyway, enough about that, let's get to it!


In This Episode

  • Initial impressions on Mike D'Antoni
  • Pau Gasol, where he's hurting the team, and the overall outlook on the Spaniard.
  • Darius Johnson-Odom and Robert Sacre check-in from the D-League
  • Derek Fisher, now a Dallas Maverick, and starting. Well then.
  • Andrew Bynum. Welp.

Many thanks to Emile for joining us, representing Forum Blue & Gold and Hardwood Hype!

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- Drew

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