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Lakers-Blazers Open Thread

Keep Steve Nash away from Damian Lillard, please.


Tonight is the Lakers' final game of 2012. We won't see them again until Tuesday, when they host the Philadelphia 76ers and give us something to watch after the Rose Bowl. It would be nice if they could flip the calendar with at least a 0.500 record in their pocket, but who knows what's unreasonable to ask anymore?

The last time we saw the Portland Trail Blazers was on Halloween night, in a game that made an already bad start to the season so, so much worse. Steve Nash ran into Damian Lillard in the third quarter, breaking his (Nash's) leg and giving us almost two months of Darius Morris and Chris Duhon at the starting PG slot. Nash is back and I don't want to see his legs anywhere near Lillard's. We don't want this to become another Bynum-Grizzlies situation.

The Blazers, by the way, have won six of seven. They're a game ahead of the Lakers for the eighth playoff spot in the West.

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