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Video: Mike D'Antoni pissed off as reporters questions the Lakers defense

After suffering a 100-94 loss to the now 5-17 Cleveland Cavaliers, Mike D'Antoni does NOT want to talk about the Lakers lack of preparation on the defensive end.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers reached the lowest of the lows against the Cleveland Cavaliers. That is, until they have an opportunity to drop that bar even lower when they face the Washington Wizards on the road on Friday. Till then, the 100-94 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers stands as the lowest rung they've descended upon as a team. Anyone amused? Mike D'Antoni certainly is not, who flipped out post-game after the brutal loss in Cleveland.

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"Hell yeah we worked for a half hour on it", exclaims a pissed off Mike D'Antoni questioned about the Lakers defensive preparation prior to the 100-94 loss to the Cleceland Cavaliers who are now 5-17. Meanwhile, the Lakers continue to dig themselves a grave, resting at 9-13, and well under any projection for a team with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard in the starting lineup. Yes, missing Steve Nash and Pau Gasol has been a bump in the road for the Lakers, but for the team to play at this level of incompetency? Unacceptable; and clearly, Mike D'Antoni agrees.

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