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Metta World Peace comments on Mike Brown's firing


Here is a long Q&A with Metta World Peace about Mike Brown's firing courtesy of Mark Medina.

How he processed the news

I always think positive for everybody in the world. You look at Mike Brown’s career. He came from video guy, a lot of aspiring video coordinators out there, to coaching under the great Popovich to leading Cleveland Cavaliers to their lone championship appearance in history of Cleveland, coaching LeBron James and then had the opportunity to coach the Lakers and make a ton of money. It was a great run. I’m sure he’s very driven. He will seek other opportunities. He’s a smart man. I played for him in Indiana. He helped lead Indiana with Rick Carlisle to 61 victories, the most they ever had. Obviously the Lakers’ organization is a different monster here. It’s all about rings. That’s what I experienced since I’ve been an L.A. Laker

When you’re the CEO and your own boss of your own company, you don’t have to explain it. When you’re running your own company, you don’t have to explain anything. You run the company how you run it. For the most part, you take everything as positive for everyone involved. Lakers fans love victories so the Lakers organization is doing what they think they have to do for victories.

In this world, nothing is surprising. So many things happen in the world where it’s not surprising.

I look at everything as positive. I don’t look at anything as a shakeup. I don’t look at anything as negative. I look at everything as positive.

Did the team say goodbye to Mike?

I think so.

Why did the players not get Brown’s system?

The only thing that can be said now is moving forward. The story will write itself. History will write itself. Stay tuned to see what happens.

On team reaction

I looked at everything as positive for everyone involved. The Lakers organization is a winning organization and very competitive as everybody knows around the positive. You have to think positive for Mike Brown. He came from doing video work in the NBA to coaching under Coach Popovich to coaching in Indiana, Cleveland and coming here to the Lakers. You look at it as a positive and move on life.

On if business is cruel

Business is not cruel. Business is business. He’s not cruel. It’s just business and all fun. It’s playing basketball. Fans still come to the game and want us to play hard and win. It’s still positive. He’s not the first coach to be fired in the history of sports and athletics. He’s not the first employee to get fired. It’s okay. He made a great living and has a big contract. Everything is positive.

On how team is handling struggles.

We’re still thinking positive. We have 77 games. That’s a lot of games left. We’re excited to have so many games left.

On what type of coach the team needs

Later on when they have a press conference, you can ask those question.

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