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Video: Coach Nick breaks down the Lakers and the Princeton offense

SB Nation partner Coach Nick of hits us with a breakdown of the Los Angeles Lakers usage of the Princeton offense. A great watch for any Lakers, and basketball, fan.

Stephen Dunn

Coach Nick, now a partner in SB Nations ever expanding umbrella, breaks down the Princeton offense as seen from the Los Angeles Lakers thus far. This is an extremely informative video that highlights how the Princeton has been working (it has been, by the way). It has been a point of controversy, and a heated criticism lobbed towards Mike Brown, but when looking at the samples provided in isolated context there is clearly plenty of positive to take from it.

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Coach Nick does a great job of pointing out both the positive, negative, and where the improvements can be made. Obviously so early into the process the fluidity involved still isn't quite there yet. Steve Nash is missing passes, as is Kobe Bryant, but the ideas are there and waiting to exploit defenses. With the talent on the floor there is a great deal of action to track in a live game, making it impossible to properly identify each movement and set. Play by play breakdowns like this are key in becoming more aware of what the Lakers are trying to accomplish on the offensive side of the ball.

This is full of great information that shines light on what's going on with the Lakers and their 1-3 start. Great stuff from Coach Nick as usual. Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter @BBallsource, and subscribe to his YouTube channel where he is constantly adding great basketball breakdowns. Also, head over to the site to read the accompanying article that goes with the video!

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