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Mike Brown has the Lakers' support

The much maligned Mike Brown won't be going anywhere anytime soon if Jim Buss' recent endorsement of him is to be believed.

Stephen Dunn

Hold your horses on the "Fire Mike Brown!" chatter. In an interview with Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register that took place a couple of weeks back, Lakers owner Jim Buss (from a figurative standpoint) said that Mike Brown has the blessing of all three of the major powers within the organization.

“I’m a hundred percent behind Mike Brown. Mitch is. My dad is. We as a collective soul are behind him 100 percent.”

Certainly some odd terminology there, but it is clear that the Buss family maintains faith in Brown's preparedness. This is sure to upset many who have already voiced their parting shots at Brown after just four games this season, but I think this kind of thing was to be expected from a front office that likes to take its time before making big decisions.

At the very least, this should allow Brown to breathe now that he knows he's got the blessing of the head honchos (at least for now) and the players can stop wondering if they are going to have a new coach by the end of the month (a thought I am sure has crossed their mind at some point). I'm in favor of finding a coach with an offensive philosophy more suited to this team's talents, but I do think that the Lakers are capable of having success under Brown so long as he coaches up to the Buss families' expectations.

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