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Lakers Nation Video: Locker Room Talk Are Mike Brown & Princeton Keys to Victory?

Brought to you from our partners over at Lakers Nation, their Locker Room Talk crew discusses the slow start for the Lakers, the Princeton, Mike Brown, and more.

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Lakers Nation has their Locker Room Talk crew (@LakersLRT) discuss the James Harden trade, the Princeton Offense, the leash Mike Brown has (how does till December sound, everyone?), coaching options, and the slow start for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Back to the argument of running pick and roll ball with Steve Nash versus trying to utilize the Princeton offense. There are definitely arguments to be made for both sides, however, with Nash being sideline for at least 7-10 days and up to a month, it's going to be difficult to gauge where the team is as far as progressing through and picking up the Princeton offense. In last night's win against the Detroit Pistons it definitely felt like the team strayed away from the Princeton and utilized more traditional fundamentals on the court. Whether or not the Princeton offense highlights the skills of the four headline players, and the bench, remains to be set in stone on way or the other. For now, just more waiting.

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