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Time Warner Cable comes to terms with Cox for TWC Sportsnet

Cox cable will carry Time Warner Cable Sportsnet.

Stephen Dunn

Though no firm details have been released, Time Warner Cable has announced that terms have been reached with Cox Communications for the distribution of TWC Sportsnet. Cox is the last of the major Southern California cable providers to carry TWC, and represents an important milestone, because as of now, all Los Angelinos should have an option available to switch to if their current provider doesn't have the network.

Neither of the main satellite providers, Dish and Directv, carry TWC Sportsnet at this time, but they are the last of the main television distributors to hold out. With everybody else on board, including enough different distributors that desperate Lakers fans will have options to switch to in all areas, it can only be a matter of time before everyone in LA has their Lakers back on television. And now that they've shown they can actually win a game from time to time, folks will probably want to start tuning in.

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