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Steve Nash out up to four weeks

Mike Breshnan has reported that Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash may miss up to a month after being diagnosed with a non-displaced fracture of the fibula. Sunshine and lollipops over here, folks.

Stephen Dunn

I won't call it unexpected, because Steve Nash recovering from a fracture in a week's time seemed absolutely insane, but it's disheartening to see it finally diagnosed. Mike Breshnan is reporting that a source within the Los Angeles Lakers organization has placed a FOUR WEEK time frame on Nash returning to the basketball court. FOUR WEEKS of Steve Blake, everybody.


Hit, after hit, after hit for the Los Angeles Lakers it seems lately. So, with an estimated month out, that's more precious time for the revamped starting lineup to learn how to play the game of basketball together lost. While the thought is it's better to get these injuries out of the way rather than early, how about some compromise and do this right in between, when the Lakers have already established an identity and can plug in Blake while having the other four starters on the same page. With a month of being out of the lineup, the idea of Delonte West being brought in continues to look like a sound investment. Nash's health was a huge concern going into the season and it's impossible to project what other time he may miss due to injury.

Either way, no Steve Nash for now, or a while. We'll keep you posted here at Silver Screen & Roll as the news on this continues to stream in.

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