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Marc J. Spears: Los Angeles Lakers also interested in Mickael Pietrus

Reports surfaced that the Lakers have renewed their interest in Raja Bell a few days ago, but Marc J. Spears reports the purple and gold are also inquiring about adding Mickael Pietrus as well.

Christian Petersen

A few days ago Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Los Angeles Lakers have a renewed interest in bringing Raja Bell to Los Angeles. The resounding response-- Uh, why? Bell, at 36, seemed like an odd player to try and squeeze into a roster that is already bursting at the seams. However, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports has indicated that the Lakers are also still interested in wing-man Mickael Peaches Pietrus.


However, there's still a catch to all of this. The Lakers are only interested in adding to their roster with veteran's minimum numbers, and reports in the Summer were that he left the Boston Celtics as they only offered him the lowest of the lows. Well, per Marc Stein, that issue still exists (and there are other teams courting him)


All of this considered, perhaps the Lakers letting their "renewed interest" in Raja Bell known served as a negotiating tactic to try and pinch Pietrus into accepting a minimum deal knowing that the Lakers are looking at other options. Or, maybe that's just the wishful thinking kicking in not wanting the straw scarecrow that is Bell occupying a roster spot while there are other viable options available for it. Heck, Chris Douglas-Roberts is doing great in the D-League, why not call him up? While Pietrus isn't exactly the image of youth himself at 30 years of age, his perimeter defense could help a bench unit short on small forwards, especially with Devin Ebanks being tied up to the doghouse.

Updates as they come (if there are any)

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