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The Silver Screen & Roll Podcast: Episode #4

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The Silver Screen & Roll podcast crew is back with Episode #4 of our podcast series where we discuss the firing of Mike Brown, play a little word association, and talk about some guy named Phil Jackson. Special guest Emile from Forum Blue & Gold / Hardwood Hype!

Stephen Dunn


Cast for Episode #4:

Ben (@Brosales12)
Blake (@TheGreatMambino)
Emile (@hardwoodhype)
Drew (@BallReasons)

In this episode, we will cover the following topics:

- The Firing of Mike Brown
- Word Assocation featuring Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak, Kobe Bryant, and Steve Nash
- Mailbag! (Or lack there of, silly timing)
- All Phil Jackson, all the time
- The most loathsome 3 minutes of Lakers talk for non-Lakers fans EVER

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Thank you for listening, and stay tuned for more episodes to come in the future! For all inquiries, or to get in your mailbag questions, please feel free to send an email over to silverscreenandrollcast (at) gmail (dot) com

Special thanks to our guest Emile representing Forum Blue & Gold and Hardwood Hype

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