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Nash: Jackson would be a "coup" for the Lakers

Now all four of Los Angeles' superstars have weighed in on Phil Jackson's potential return. Steve Nash is the latest to speak his mind, and he is in favor of another Zen Master return.

Stephen Dunn

Kobe has spoken. Dwight has spoken. Pau has spoken. And now Steve Nash has spoken. Every player whose opinion matters on Phil Jackson's potential returns has now voiced their support of the Zen Master.

Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times talked to Nash, who said that getting Jackson would be "a coup for the franchise."

"It’d be a coup for the franchise," said Nash. "His history with this club, with Pau [Gasol] and Kobe [Bryant] in particular, is fantastic. For me personally it would be a terrific experience….

"It’s won a lot of championships. It’s hard to argue against that," said Nash. "I look at it as a great opportunity for me to try something new at a different stage of my career."

Nash's fit in the triangle offense is the most difficult to project out of the Lakers' current cast. Many believe that Nash would be completely wasted by the triangle, but that is not the case. The triangle has several pick-and-roll elements built in that would take advantage of Nash's playmaking abilities. That said, there will still be plays when Nash is just a spot-up threat, which isn't all that bad considering he's the best shooter of all-time.

I don't think anyone would have expected a guy like Nash, who was very selfless during the whole Princeton experiment, to speak out against Jackson, but it is nice to have everyone on board as the Lakers move closer to a new era in their storied history.

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