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Lakers-Warriors Preseason Open Thread

The reloaded Laker machine gets its first test drive out in Fresno, where almost no one will see it.

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Say hello to the new-look Lakers! In this case, the phrase "new look" is an abstraction, as most of us won't actually get to set eyes on the majestic purple and gold tonight. The game is in Fresno but only available on TV machines if you have the snappily named Time Warner Cable Sportsnet, and you only have that if if you already subscribe to Time Warner Cable. This is not an acceptable state of affairs, clearly, but we trust it'll get sorted out before the games really matter. For now, you can use this space to comment along to the online play by play log or whatever. Hopefully a few of you really do have TWC and can supply a few observations. (If you have something called a "radio" you can hear the play-by-play call at 710 ESPN.)

If you haven't read C.A.'s preview of tonight's game, do so here.

The circumstances are obviously imperfect, but still... the Lakers are back!

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