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Kobe Bryant a "game time decision" and gives a Facebook update

Kobe Bryant is now considered a game time decision for tonight's season opening match-up against the Dallas Mavericks. The Black Mamba has taken to Facebook to talk about the status of his foot which is "much better than it was a week ago".

Stephen Dunn

It has arrived! Opening day for the NBA, and specifically the Los Angeles Lakers, is here. And yes, already, not even a single game into the season, there is uncertainty to be had for the purple and gold. We've been covering every update here at Silver Screen and Roll in regards to Kobe Bryant's foot since the injury first went public (Bryant suffered the strain in a preseason game against the Sacramento Kings. Strategic sabotage from long time enemies, we see it.), and it still remains unclear as to when he will be ready for action again. The status attached to Bryant for tonight's game against the Dallas Mavericks is "game time decision" after missing Monday's practice.

Game time decision you say?

Mike Brown: Kobe, we think it's best you t-

Kobe juts his jaw out and glares over at Mike Brown menacingly as if he was the basketball and there were five seconds left on the shot clock.

Mike Brown: Took about 23 to 25 field goals tonight to keep the offense steady as the Princeton is still in the works!

With the first two games in the Lakers schedule being a Mavericks team facing a few injuries, it seems fairly safe to assume that a Dirk-less, Curry-filled Mavs squad is a perfect opportunity to let Kobe take a night off while the rest of the Lakers talent handles business. Heck, make it two games with a rebuilding Portland squad on Halloween if the foot isn't ready to support all of Kobe's greatness stride for stride.

As it has been lately, Kobe jumped on his Facebook (which I still have a hard time believing is actually him at times) and gave his thoughts in regards to his injury.

Getting stronger. Not sure what it means for tomorrow night just yet but it's much better than it was a week ago when I could barely walk. I hate not practicing. It drives me crazy! The training staff has been great. Mr. Laker, Gary Vitti, and the great Judy Seto (the first female trainer in the NBA) have been working their magic.

I will know more after shoot around tomorrow am. It's still painful to raise up on my toes but, it's strong. The decision to be made is whether the injury can heal while playing on it or if it will make it worse. Either way, I'm excited about the start of the season. Hopefully we can win a game or two finally ;-)
Till tomorrow..
Mamba out

As I black the winkie face at the end out of my memory with a sharpie, Kobe does make an important distinction. This isn't simply about whether or not he can play on the foot tomorrow, or in the near future. It's whether if playing on it will allow it to properly heal or worsen the condition. More when it comes in, most likely in the form of "Kobe did not participate in the afternoon team shoot-around and is still a game time decision per Mike Brown".

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