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SBN United and you: Help Silver Screen And Roll look sweet in the new digs

Howdy folks.

SBN United has now been around for just over a week now, which is enough time for you all to have gotten over the culture shock of having the site suddenly look drastically different overnight. By now, you probably know what you like and what you don't like about our new digs, so I'm coming to you to find out what works and what doesn't. Also, with training camp starting yesterday, I figure there are probably a few more people to ask now.

First off, let's establish the framework of the conversation. There are two distinct elements to discussing SBN United: the stuff that's broke, and the stuff that looks different. Please feel free to talk about the stuff that's broke. You may have already noticed that many things which didn't work quite right on launch day are already improving (like the new comments indicators). Behind the scenes, the SB Nation tech team must be working something like 72 hour days, because they've already had multiple releases to fix bugs and problems that have been identified to them.

It's the stuff that looks different that is a little trickier to discuss. SBN United gives us the power to do a bunch of really cool stuff that we couldn't do before, but that stuff might be annoying or disconcerting to you if you haven't been prepared for it, so let me break down some of the new things we can do.

  • We can control which content shows up where. This allows us to leave a featured article at the top of the page because we want folks to continue to pay attention to it.
  • We can post relevant content from outside of SSR directly into our front page, like we did yesterday with a piece about Chris Douglass Roberts from Ridiculous Upside
  • We can devote slots on the page to a group of posts instead of the post itself, like we've done with At The Bar

There are other design changes that we have no control over. That's not to say we disapprove of these changes, it is only to acknowledge the fact that these decisions were made for very good reasons, and those decisions were not made by us. This includes location of sections like Fanshots and Fanposts. Does this mean you shouldn't feel welcome to leave feedback about these elements? Not at all. I simply want to be clear about what we can and can not change.

All feedback will be considered. Obviously, we can't accommodate everybody's feedback, but if enough people say they like or don't like the look of things, that will be considered. For now, just let us know what you think and get the conversation started.

I, for one, am pretty damn excited about the potential SBN United gives us. All I'm asking for is a little help in making sure we live up to that potential.

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