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Lakers-Kings Open Thread

One final chance to avoid a winless preseason.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

One thing I like about the Lakers' preseason is the tradition of playing games at scattered venues around Southern California (and even into Nevada). It's a nice way of recognizing that the Lakers' home territory extends beyond L.A. proper, and it gives fans a chance to see the team live even if they don't live in the 213, 323, 310, 626 or 818 area codes. Tonight the team is down in San Diego to face the Sacramento Kings for what feels like the ninth time this month.

Kobe Bryant won't play in this one. Dwight Howard will. Of course, this will be the Lakers' final opportunity not to finish with a perfect 0-9 preseason record, if you care about that sort of thing. Whether you do or not, the good news is there'll soon be regular-season results either to assuage your concern or give you something more meaningful to fret over.

Have fun. Comment safely.

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