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Lakers Vs. Kings

Starting tonight, the Lakers play three of their final four preseason contests against the Sacramento Kings.

Stephen Dunn

In Superman comics, there's a common scene right before the titular hero arrives to save the day. Civilians in Metropolis stop on the street and peer into the sky... we see only their hopeful, anxious faces... in the next frame or two, Superman is glimpsed, or at least his vapor trail is, and the mortals he's come to save are washed over with relief.

Sunday night is that frame of triumph. Right now we're still in the one before, where we're all shielding our eyes against the sun - earth's yellow sun, which gives Superman his powers - waiting for Dwight Howard to arrive and be announced at the Lakers' starting center. That's OK. It's still preseason and the boss battles haven't started. On Sunday night, though... well. I don't need to tell you about. Sunday night is when the fun really starts.

For now, the Lakers are in Vegas to face the Sacramento Kings, whom they'll also face on Sunday and then against next Thursday. The Kings are 2-1 in the preseason so far.

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