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This week in GIFs - SSR GIF Face Off

The members of Silver Screen and Roll bring their best GIFs to the table. Now its time to find out who takes home the big prize.

Internet humor is a brand of comedy all its own, and GIFs are that brand's showcase. Yesterday, I asked the SSR faithful to provide your favorite GIFs and you came through in fine form. After culling through the masses, I've selected five GIFs, one each for five categories randomly selected for organizational purposes. Now, it's time for you, the people, to decide the Best in Show.

That's right folks, its a GIF off.



We'll start with the category that started it all. If we're honest, I think we all know the internet might not even exist today if it weren't for the steady dose of cat related humor that drives traffic throughout the interwebz. There were many fine cat related entries to the GIF off, but this entry from SoCalGal gets the nod for providing a GIF that has a narrative. This isn't just a cat behaving strangely, this is a story, and a damned fine one at that.


Our next category is dancing, where again there were many fine entries, most of which involved actual humans displaying a diverse range from talented to ridiculous. In the end, the committee of one decided to go with this classic cut from peanuts of two crazy kids who know how to get down in 2D from mjtig. It's tough to compete with nostalgia tugging at your heart strings.



Next, we have the sports category, the theme most closely related to the reason for this blog's existence. And the entry, brought to you by cldpc, is a strong one. This is what I call a five tool GIF. It's got comedy, drama, irony, plot twists, and a moral to the story (don't count your chickens). This is like the Aesop's fable of GIFs, if any of those fables were actually interesting and/or funny.



Our final category is, appropriately, the category where GIFs leave you not sure what to think. And Micheal Beasley is as fine a captain of WTF as we could possibly imagine. What exactly is going on here? I mean, it seems clear that Beasley is attempting to rub his knee, only to find his hand miss wide right and land on the knee of a teammate. But examine the look on his face as he does so. For the brief time prior to his discovery of the mistake, he seems to be enjoying himself. How does he not realize sooner that he can't feel the touch of his hand on his own leg? How does he not realize that he's touching bare skin when his own knee is covered? For that matter, how does a professional basketball player, who has plenty of talent and, therefore, excellent hand-eye coordination miss his own body part by six inches.

Watch that clip from bluexfalcon, and tell me Michael Beasley is not on drugs in the middle of an NBA contest.

Alright folks, those are your entries. Vote in the poll to decide the winner

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