"NEW" NBA Team Efficiency Chart

This is the revised version of my original Team Efficiency Chart that was posted a few days ago. It is updated through last night (1-3-12). I have made a couple of design changes that hopefully will make it a bit easier to read, also I found a bit of the information to be interesting. Let me know what you think.

Again, the closer to the upper right corner that a team is, the more efficient that team is.

I found it interesting that the worst 3 teams and the best 3 teams are from the East and that the Western teams seem to be grouped more in the middle and the Eastern teams tend to be more scattered. Not sure what that means, just interesting. The other interesting thing that I saw was where MINNESOTA was located. They are 2-2, but are apparently playing fairly well.

Lastly, I tried to show the Lakers in "Forum Blue". Apparently the web does not interpret colors the same way that my program bad.

Let me know what you think.