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Lakers-Timberwolves Open Thread

The timing of today's game is just horrible. Tip-off will take place about exactly when the hotly anticipated 2012 Pro Bowl kicks off, subjecting us to an unthinkable choice. On the one hand, this is a critical game for the Lakers. They need a win to break their road losing streak and let out some of the pressure that's building around the team. It's hard to turn away when the purple and gold are at such a critical juncture. On the other hand, the white-hot intensity of the Pro Bowl draws you in and DOESN'T LET YOU GO. What if Marshawn Lynch breaks an eight-yard run and I'm not there to see it??

Follow your conscience. I can't tell you what to do.

But I can tell you to drink whenever someone mentions:

  • That Ricky Rubio and Pau Gasol are friends from way back when they were Spanish,
  • How the Lakers almost hired Rick Adelman but then didn't,
  • Kevin Love's outlet passes,
  • Kobe Bryant passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the franchise field-goal record, or
  • LeBron James riding a bicycle to today's Heat-Bulls game.


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