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The Credits: "Enough"

This is getting old now, almost as old as Derek Fisher. Enough with losing to craptastic teams, especially when you have a major advantage.

With Bogut out, the Lakers tried to take advantage of their pair of 7-footers, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed going in.

Enough with struggling, whether it be with the offense (ours), defense (theirs), or taking it on the road. Enough with coming out strong then fading before halftime, and being unable to dig yourself out of a hole.

"In the first half, we did a decent job," Gasol said. "In the second half, there were not many touches. Defensively there was no excuse, (we’ve) got to do better. They were beating us all over the court."

Enough with giving other teams' role players career games. Enough with the blaming. Enough with players having one spectacular game, only to crash back to earth on the next outing. Enough with losing every single time Kobe Bryant reaches a milestone in a game.

The Lakers may not be panicking, but perhaps they should be.

Bryant said the Lakers aren’t panicking.

"In this locker room, I don’t think so," Bryant said. "There’s concern and determination that we want to fix things. If we solve that issue, then we’ll be all right."

The fans have had it, Lakers. We are sick to death of this rollercoaster ride from hell. Enough, we say. Enough. E-EFFING-NOUGH.

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Note: the fan confidence poll is at 39%. Excellent.

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