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Lakers-Bucks Open Thread

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Andrew Bogut is out indefinitely with an ankle injury. Stephen Jackson is serving a one-game suspension for being Stephen Jackson verbally abusing referees. Those guys are big names, right? Yes, yes they are. But keep in mind the Bucks stunk with those guys in the lineup, so maybe they'll be better without them? How much sense am I making here? All of it? All the sense? That's what I thought.

Andrew Goudelock, by the way, was treated for exhaustion last night but is fine. It's a good reminder to all of us that we're supposed to drink six to eight glasses of water every year.

In honor of the great state of Wisconsin, have yourself a Leinenkugel whenever someone mentions:

  • How the Lakers are 1-6 on the road,
  • The Lakers' 12-game streak of not having scored 100 points or more,
  • How the Wednesday night Clippers' game got a little "chippy,"
  • The number of teams Drew Gooden has played for, or
  • How Brandon Jennings is from Compton.

Comment. Comment for your life!

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