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The Credits: "The Hangover Part II"

Starring: The same tired, formulaic storyline. Quick fouls for Bynum and an early blowout. Unfortunately, the Lakers extra minutes from the night before against Miami carried over into lethargic play against the Magic.

I don't even know where to start. I'm surprised that the Magic didn't lead by 30 at one point. Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol didn't make any field goals in the first half. And while we touted the Bynum/Howard match-up, Dwight Howard thoroughly outplayed the Lakers center tonight.

Right, the matchup Lakerdom was hyped up about turned into a one sided affair as Bynum fell into foul trouble very early. Bynum didn't get a chance to really go at Dwight:

"I think I only got six shots tonight, so I wasn't able to kind of go back at him. I think every play was ... some kind of screen at the elbow, and he gets a touch on the block. So, I took myself out of the game early, and he was able to come back and have a decent second half."

There's a lot to be worried about the Lakers now. It's still early in the season, but our offense is simply not up to par. We're 1-6 on the road, and we've only scored over 100 points in a game once. The team is out of sorts. However, we wanted a better defense, and we got it. We just lost the offense as a result.

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