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Lakers-Heat Open Thread

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Could I have everyone's attention please? I have a site-housekeeping announcement I'm supposed to make. It's boring and lawyerly but important to the people who run SBN, so bear with me.

Please do not link to pirated streams in the game thread or elsewhere on the site. We realize we haven't diligently enforced this rule in the past, but we're going to start and we could really use your cooperation. Please don't ask for streams or upload them. We're not trying to be dicks or anything. But like working stiffs everywhere, we get orders from higher up and every once in a while we actually have to obey them. Thanks for helping us out.

Now, back to basketball. Beat the Heat with an icy cold beverage whenever someone mentions:

  • That Mike Brown used to coach LeBron James,
  • Flu-like symptoms,
  • Shane Battier's faceguarding technique against Kobe Bryant,
  • Metta World Peace's three-point shooting stats, or
  • The last time Eddy Curry played in an NBA game.

Type your thoughts below.