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The Credits: "Like Mike"

Starring Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan..

It's no secret that Kobe Bryant wishes to surpass Michael Jordan as the player many consider the Greatest Player Of All Time. Kobe's openly embraced comparisons to Mike since he was a rookie, and has done much in his career to warrant serious considerations of comparison. There are some out there who despise Kobe for emulating his childhood idol, but Michael Jordan isn't one of them. His Airness thinks Kobe is the only player that's put in the work for consideration.


"...MJ just told me Kobe's the only one to have done the work, to deserve comparison."

That Michael and Kobe choose to express who they feel are worthy comparisons to their greatness is an issue for some. Not me, sure they seem awfully arrogant in their opinions, but that bristling pride is what made them the champs they are. Maybe Kobe is doing too much work?

What will bother me is when some snooty blogger or journalist will eventually question and snicker at the opinion of the GM survey the NBA releases every season. Like a league full of guys who get paid to evaluate basketball talent on a 24/7/365 basis aren't smart enough to see what they can. Makes you scratch your head. I know, I know. Not all of the execs are good at the job, right?

Not surprisingly, LeBron isn't considered a leader among the League's execs. What is surprising is that Pau is still considered the 2nd best Center in the NBA. Only 3.7% voted for him, but think we here in Lakerland realize that Bynum should at least hold that "title." Of course, top guy was Dwight Howard, whom Drew respects a great deal. No matter what happens, the kid is playing quite well on both ends. Especially on defense, where the Lakers are making their mark as a team, and Dex assesses the Lakers through their first 15 games.

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