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The Credits: "The Fisher King"


You guys, I totally found a new end-game play.
..decoy? You guys, I totally found a new end-game play.

In what continues to be an unpredictable season, the Lakers won a game despite having only scored seven points in the third quarter. How the Lakers managed to win last night's game, I do not know. In a brick-fest that would make any mason proud, the LakeShow needed Derek Fisher to sink in a three to put down the Dallas Mavericks.

Lamar Odom made his return to Staples Center, and was met with a standing ovation. Despite the circumstance under which he left, Lamar Odom made it clear he harbors no ill-will towards the Lakers.

"I've had mixed emotions. Up and down," said Odom of his L.A return. "But, things move on. There's no hard feelings."

He played a decent game, but the same can't be said for his teammates, who like the Lakers, helped resonate the arena with clank after beautiful clank.

Last night's game also marked the end of the 40+ streak Mr. America had going, which resulted in another Player of the Week award. All in all, the Lakers badly needed a win as they head into their first 2-days off before a game on Thursday, I think.

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