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Lakers-Mavs Open Thread

Today is the 23rd day of the NBA's regular season, and by the time it's over the Lakers will have played 15 games. That's just a crazy pace: a tipoff on average every 1.53 days. The pace slackens a touch after tonight, and eventually we'll be grateful we got this stretch out of the way early. (Better to have draggy legs in January than on the eve of the playoffs.) In the meantime there's a good chance we'll see a tired Lakers team on the court this evening. Not that the Mavs, who've played 13 times themselves already, have much of an advantage on that score.

No last-minute injury news on this one. Steve Blake is out, of course. Otherwise both teams are at full strength less customary wear and tear.

Drink like you've never been hungover whenever you hear the words:

  • Sweep,
  • Payback,
  • Revenge,
  • Redemption, or
  • Yi.

Welcome home, Lamar!

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