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Lakers-Clippers Open Thread

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Well, look who's in second place in the Western Conference! It's the Lakers, somehow. I'm really not sure how they got there. I'm also not sure how/why they've played 13 games and tonight's opponents, the Clippers, have played only eight.

The Lakers, by the way, have held each of their last five opponents below a point per possession. The next slate of four (Clips, Mavericks, Heat and Magic) will bring that streak to an end, but it's nonetheless been an impressive bounceback from the Portland debacle. In less boastworthy news, the Lakers are now last in the league in three-point shooting. DEAD LAST. This probably needs to change.

Drink like Vernon Davis is presumably drinking whenever someone mentions:

  • That crazy ass Saints-49ers game,
  • "Lob City,"
  • How the Clips beat the Lakers twice in the preseason,
  • "Basketball reasons," or
  • Kobe Bryant's streak of 40-plus point outings.

Who, if I might ask, gonna run this town tonight?

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